A mining colony discovers an ancient city on a distant world. The workers soon become enchanted by it and abandon their posts and wander the city, experiencing it’s glory.  As they soon find out… they are not alone. Something has been waiting for their arrival.

And I guess you know how the rest goes….

Dark Horse recently released a new Alien series that is to be called More Than Human, although if you collect the comic it is simply Aliens (1-4).

Some of the themes in the series as a whole include the ideas of human depravity,  impending judgment, mortality, and mystery.

Often times human greed and depravity lead to unleashing the Alien as an instrument of destruction upon humanity

Corporations and governments want the Alien as a weapon to destroy human lives. But it’s not just faceless corporations, for within the story there are treacherous villains often betraying people to their own deaths at the hands of the Alien.

In this story there is an added (and I’m not sure if it was intended or not) theological significance in that while the humans were under the spell of the city an android that was trying to save a little girl saved them.

Sereda had to be More Than Human and not prone the greed and divisiveness of man in order to think clearly to save them.   And to further the Christological significance, Sereda was “killed” and rose from the grave.

Also there is an air of mystery surrounding the city and what causes people to go mad.  And why are the Aliens different there than the other Aliens.   Are they protecting something?  I have a feeling well find out soon enough

I could go on and on about it. But it’s was a great read.   And as I do not normally like horror (ask my wife how I cringe at the sight of it) I’ve always been drawn to Alien movies. I suppose because of their significance and depth of philosophy, theology, and ethics, I love thinking about what it all means.