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Romans tells us that the hope for which we have been saved is to see all of creation set free and redeemed. We experience salvation when ever we trust in Jesus as savior. Our lives are being transformed and redeemed as we walk out our faith, and we experience varying degrees of freedom and healing. And one day, the scripture tells us, we will die only to go be with Jesus in heaven. But that is only a layover, because get get resurrected into physical bodies just like Jesus, the first born from the dead, the first among many brothers.

As we come back to earth with Jesus all of creation gets renewed/recreated. The prophet Isaiah talks about this time as a world of such absolute peace that Lions eat grass, and wolves lay down and snuggle up with sheep. This is a message that a fallen world needs to hear. Jesus is savior of our souls, of our lives, and we do get a ticket out out of hell. And as wonderful as those are, they are just the beginning of what God has in store for us.

We have the liberty and the joy of experiencing some of that now. The beauty of creation reminds us of how awesome God is. The complexity of the cosmos, as unfathomable as it is, is still just a canvas that God painted on. As we are humbled and brought to a sense of wonder and awe at what God has done, we offer up our praises. We bring along creation with us, setting it free to praise, in the form of art, music, song, technology, and life in general.

This is my first attempt at songwriting.  I recorded it with a Boss Micro BR, so it’s all digital.  The drums and the guitar effects are all presets.

Heaven and Earth (song)

Heaven and Earth/electro (song)

Heaven and Earth (chord chart pdf)