The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

– Proverbs 1:7

It seems that mankind’s’ knowledge is increasing at a much more rapid rate than our wisdom.  Knowledge being our understanding of world and ourselves, and wisdom being the correct application of that knowledge.

Reflection and meditation upon the character and nature of God should bring a person to greater reverence and humility.  More specifically, considering Jesus; his life, and death, and resurrection, and his coming back to right all wrongs, should bring a deeper sense of awe and wonder.

If a person would meditate on Jesus sacrifice, naturally they should not want to take part in anything that caused his crucifixion, or to bring harm to humanity and creation.  If a person can do such things without remorse or regret then perhaps they havent seriously considered Jesus, and they might want to re-evaluate whether they are a Christian or just a one in name only.

I wonder if I’ve shied away from this phrase, “The fear of the Lord”, out of fear of what people will think of me?  Have I more regard for what people think about me, most of whom I dont know, than for holding true to scripture and letting it’s insight bring me closer to Jesus?

Do I think I’m more knowledgeable than the generations before me who embraced the idea that a Christian can either live a life pleasing to God, or one that brings both him and the Church, and all of humanity dishonor?